Nightlife in Kuala Lumpur

Here is a list of nightlife hotspots in and around KL

  1. Bangsar: It is a bit far from the KL city centre compared to the others. Consider if you want to enjoy the late-night drinks (and food at some of the restaurants) but avoid too much crowd or too loud music
  2. Skybar: A stone’s throw (well a bit further to be fair) from the twin towers is the Skybar. How about drinking by the pool side? May be drinking with a fantastic city view? Or both? Bar lounge? Or just anywhere? Well, they have it all! Plus, the dance floor. That comes with a price, of course (literally)
  3. TREC: Well, this area boasts hosting one of the most popular and biggest night clubs in Kuala Lumpur, the ZOUK. Don’t take my word for it, go there and the entrance queue will say it all. Entry is not free. If you don’t want to go for the hype (I personally have not yet visited ZOUK, after staying for almost 4 years in Kuala Lumpur), there are many other bars and night clubs in the area, some of which even have live musical performances. TREC is open until 4:00 amDSC_0033
  4. Ramlee: The road behind the Petronas twin towers is host to a range of night clubs and restaurants, the most famous being The Beach Club.
  5. Bukit Bintang: Here comes one of my two personal favourites! Got the late-night food or dessert cravings? Jalan Alor is the place for you. Many times, I have travelled about 8 kms just to satisfy my late-night ice cream cravings at one of the ice cream stalls here! Jalan Alor is the famous food street of Kuala Lumpur which you might have seen in many of the tourism advertisements. They also have massage parlours in case you want to relax your muscles.DSC_0070_edited
  6. Chungkat: In case you’ve had enough food and want to go clubbing, just walk downhill from the entrance of Jalan Alor (the slope is very evident here) and you reach the party hub of Kuala Lumpur – Chungkat! Even if you are not in a mood for clubbing, visit this place and chances are that your mood will swing to the music beats! Chungkat is open until 3:00 am.DSC_0059_edited
  7. Pavillion: My second favourite, although, to be fair, it is almost an extension of the previous one! Pavilion is a shopping mall famous for its decorations, festivities and the late-night crowd it pulls. No other malls in Kuala Lumpur, so far I’ve seen, has this amount of crowd post-midnight (other than the movie floor, of course)! The third floor hosts a range of bars and food joints open until 2:00 am, although the food section is closed earlier. The setting is rather a mixture of indoors and outdoors. There are a few restaurants inside the mall (indoor) as well, which are open until 1-1:30 amDSC_0023

Access: Monorail -> Station -> Imbi for Pavilion, Bukit Bintang for Bukit Bintang; LRT -> Station -> KLCC for Skybar, Bank Rakyat Bangsar for Bangsar. TREC has no nearby railway access. However, take a note that most of the rail lines stop operating before midnight. But that is when our party starts, right? Hence, for the late-night parties, we mostly depend on the taxis. You need to negotiate with them a bit as most of the ones near the party areas are not willing to go by meter (they are not supposed to haggle legally, but who cares!). Nevertheless, if you are persistent enough, you can get yourself a good deal, or what I prefer is waiting for one that will go by the meter (there are a lot of taxis).

Ideal time commitment: We do not commit time for this, do we?

Note: Some of the night clubs have dress codes (mostly for men) which include no singlets, shorts or thongs/flip flops


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